Yes, you can recover from Covid!

With Simple and Effective Holistic practices, you can strengthen your body to fight Covid! We are a team of Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists and we compiled this Holistic Covid Toolkit you can rely on to help you through Covid and recover from it!

Whether you are going through Covid right now, still recovering from it, or trying to avoid it….what we know about Covid is that it is an energy-sucker! The fatigue that comes with Covid is a common symptom, even into the Post-Covid stage. But, the good news is that one of the best solutions for improving your health status and getting strong to fight Covid is MOVING!

Moving energizes your body and makes it stronger to fight the virus. No matter what health condition you are currently in, know that you CAN get stronger because physical and mental strength is what is needed to heal better and recover faster!

As a Covid Re-coverer myself, and helping my elderly parents successfully through it, as well as collaborating with other Yoga professionals who have had it – here is what we learned is key to help in the Covid fight:

3 Important Components of our Physical Health for dealing with Covid:

1. Good Respiratory Function – Deep breathing strengthens your Lungs
2. Good Cardio-Vascular Function – Improves blood flow needed for internal functions
3. Movement – Energizes your body and combats Covid fatigue!

Yoga Pose for Covid – “Life Force Reach”

Stand tall and erect with your arms open as wide as comfortable. Lift your chin slightly and take 5-8 deep breaths.  As you inhale welcome in healing life force energy (prana) into your being. As you exhale, allow your body to soften and release any tension, fret or worry.
If possible, do this facing the sun for more positive energy, or even in front of a bright window.

Key Benefits: Lifts your Spirits, Expands your Lungs and Gives you more Energy!

Why is Physical and Mental Health Important in Fighting Covid?

Covid affects the entire being and thus why it is important to take a holistic and therapeutic approach to fighting the virus. You need physical strength and endurance to fight the fatigue that comes with Covid. You also need a good mental attitude which is one of optimism and hope. Fortunately, you have control of both of these self-healing modalities!

Physical Health and Covid

One of the first symptoms after contracting the virus is fatigue and the feeling of wanting to laze around and sleep. But, if you spend too much time in that place, your body will actually get weaker. Just adding some slow gentle movements of your body will help bring in more oxygen and energy to re-vitalize your internal organs. Movement will power up and improve your breathing, digestion and elimination which will give you more strength and energy. When my 90-year old Dad went through Covid, he was sleeping for hours and hours. We knew that he needed that rest at first, but after a few days… we needed to get him up and moving. It made a huge difference in his attitude and energy level.

Mental and Emotional Health and Covid

Covid affects our mental and emotional health because it is scary! We hear so many things in the news about it, and our minds will spin with “what ifs” and bad scenarios if we allow it to. I found the hardest part of getting through Covid was avoiding tons of information on it, watching the statistics and focusing on it 24/7. If you allow your mind to go into those dark places, it will. The discipline of keeping our mind free from worry and fret comes with diligence. A great Yogic tool for this is Yoga Nidra, which is a guided meditation that helps you get away from worrisome thoughts and into experiencing the physical part of your being.

Holistic Toolkit for Covid

Do you want to help your body’s self-healing capabilities?  If so, we have compiled a list of holistic resources that will help you get through Covid. Many of our offerings focus on empowering YOU to take control of your health to get your body stronger and to lift your spirits. If you view Covid as a passing situation, it will pass sooner.  Remember to tap into your strong will and mental fortitude, and you will get through!

Covid is in our face and it’s all hands on deck! As Healthcare professionals, we are looking for solutions to help those in need. Using e-Rehabilitation technology, Yoga Vista has developed a series of videos on holistic practices that address the specific self-healing needs of a recovering Covid patient. 

Collection of Videos for Covid

Note: This collection and the related video series are included in all YogaVista.TV subscription plans.

We made it easy for you to find practices that work into your lifestyle. This collection was specifically created to support you through Covid. Mix and match from these options:

Take time every day to move! It will help you heal and get stronger!

To view this collection and/or the related video series below, click on an image.

Related Video Series

The following Video Series are an easy way for you to start your Essential Program for Covid Support, Healing and Recovery! Depending on your physical abilities, your format preference, and your time commitment, choose a series to begin with and see where it takes you. Each of these series was specifically designed to support you through Covid!

Sherry Zak Morris Chair Yoga Therapy Post-Covid Healing & Recovery

Chair Yoga Therapy for Covid Support, Healing & Recovery with Sherry

Sherry Zak Morris Get off the Couch! Kickstart Chair Yoga Series

A Collection of Breathing Practices & Yoga Classes for Lung Health

Sherry Zak Morris Yoga for Covid Support & Recovery

Yoga Practices for COVID Support & Recovery with Sherry

Online Workshops related to Covid Support, Healing and Recovery

Online Workshop: An Introduction to Ayurveda and the Doshas

Want to reboot your health status? Do you feel tired, experience hot flashes, have heartburn or sluggish digestion? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Learn what these symptoms mean and what lifestyle and dietary adjustments can be made to bring life into balance with the study of Ayurveda. As part of this Workshop with Lulu Peelle, you will complete a questionnaire to learn about your dosha (mind/body constitution). This will empower you to observe, practice and change the life patterns that cause you stress and imbalance. Extensive handouts are provided as ongoing resources for this valuable life-long practice of health and wellness.

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