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Gentle Somatic Yoga® LIVE! – Volume 2

with James Knight
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6-Episode Collection of Gentle Somatic Yoga® Classes LIVE! — with James Knight, E-RYT, CHSE

As a science-based and heart-centered exploration of movement, Gentle Somatic Yoga® is a mindful practice in which muscles are reprogrammed to dissolve stiffness and pain, dramatically increasing flexibility and improving strength and stability. Through the therapeutic corrective exercises, called Somatic Movement Flows®, you are guided into an experience of peace and well-being. The movements are designed for all ages and abilities. No previous experience of Yoga is necessary.

Totaling nearly eight hours of instruction, the classes in this video series include James’ latest enhancements, unavailable elsewhere. Each offers a unique movement sequence with specific anatomical focus. These videos are an invaluable resource for Yoga teachers, movement educators, dance teachers, body workers and/or health care practitioners seeking to maximize their impact on their general as well as specialty populations.

Videos In This Series

Gentle Somatic Yoga is revolutionary in its ability to enhance quality of life and overall health. This gentle art of movement is ideal for those recovering from injuries, athletes who want to improve their performance, Yoga beginners, Senior adults, and anyone who desires to move without pain or strain.

James Knight - Stowel Lake Farm GSY Workshop
Stowel Lake Farm Workshop
James Knight - GSY Find Peace & Wellbeing Within
Find Peace & Wellbeing Within
James Knight - GSY Mobility to the Spine & Lower Body
Mobility to the Spine & Lower Body
James Knight - GSY Reboot Your Nervous System
Reboot Your Nervous System
James Knight - GSY Let go of Stress & Return to Balance
Let go of Stress & Return to Balance
James Knight - Yoga Arts GSY Workshop
Yoga Arts Studio Workshop