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Lively Chair Yoga

with Tatis Cervantes-Aiken
Purchase for $15 Streaming Only - NO DVDs Available

60 Minute Lively Chair Yoga Class

It’s time to Move! Every Chair Yoga Class with Tatis has a special blend of creativity and playfulness that makes her style of Chair Yoga a global YouTube sensation! Tatis offers up unique movement patterns to:

  • Stimulate your mind/body connection
  • Improve your Brainpower and Memory
  • Get your Joints and Muscles feeling stronger and more flexible

Includes both seated and standing Yoga poses and sequences that will help you with your balance, strength and coordination! Get Moving! Keep Moving and you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel!


Memory, Coordination and Cross-directional movement patterns are a great way to keep your mind sharp and your smile big. Join Tatis, Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher, as she shares just one of the many fun and stimulating Yoga sequences in Lively Chair Yoga streaming classes.

Videos In This Series

Take back your Strength, Flexibility and Well-being with Chair Yoga!

Tatis Cervantes-Aiken Lively Chair Yoga Seated
Muscle Strengthening Sequences
Tatis Cervantes-Aiken Chair Yoga Standing
Balancing and Standing Sequences