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Vibrant Aging Chair Yoga

with Tatis Cervantes-Aiken
Purchase for $15 Streaming Only - NO DVDs Available

Two 45-minute Chair Yoga Classes: Seated and Standing

Feel Strong, Feel Vibrant and Feel your Best with Chair Yoga!

If you like a little challenge and creative play with your Yoga, then get ready to have some fun while you get your body moving. Tatis offers up unique movement patterns and uses creative props to:

  • Improve your Balance and Coordination
  • Challenge your Mind/Body Connection
  • Strengthen your Muscles and Bones

Two full-length Seated Yoga and Standing Yoga classes give you options to expand your Yoga practice as you get stronger.  No matter what age or level of ability, Vibrant Aging Yoga with Tatis will bring vitality and flexibility into your body so you can continue doing the things you love!



A paper plate might not be the typical Yoga prop, but just wait until you see the creative movements you can do. Tatis leads you through a sequence that gets your body, mind and spirit connecting in a fun and playful way.

Videos In This Series

Tatis Cervantes-Aiken Vibrant AgingYoga
Coordination and Memory Enhancers
Tatis Cervantes-Aiken Vibrant Aging Yoga
Balancing and Standing Sequences