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No matter your age or stage of life, experience Yoga and Dance videos from experts and become a part of an INFINITELY growing community! Check out our FREE Videos!

  • Work around your schedule with 24/7 access to 1,000+ YOGA CLASSES!
  • Remove stress in your life and find true enjoyment with our 7 and 14 day YOGA CHALLENGES AND ADVENTURES!
  • Increase your mobility and flexibility with our versatile YOGA DANCE CLASSES to effortlessly perform any task that used to seem “difficult”.
  • Large selection of Classes from an INTERNATIONAL TEAM of experienced and accredited teachers!
  • We are constantly adding new videos to keep you happy and energized!

Burn Calories & Have Fun Exercising!


Move and Groove to your favorite songs and experience a new you with better flexibility and mobility. Come check out our growing selection of All-Dancing Chair Yoga Dance classes as well as our Chair Yoga classes with Dances included. 

Make This Year your Health Comeback Year!

Try out our 7-Day Challenges! 7 Day FREE Access!

Make this a year of transformation with our 7-Day Challenges. Gain full access to YogaVista.TV’s goldmine of resources designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals and age gracefully.

Want more? We’ve got lots of great Adventures and Challenges to keep you focused and motivated!

We have Something for Everyone!

New to Yoga? … Over the Age of 50? … Dealing with Pain? … Have movement limitations? … Recovering from an injury or surgery?


I’ve had both knees replaced and deal with hip complications from the last knee replacement. I see the promise in the practice of Yoga.


Yoga Vista Member

You have changed our lives. My husband is 84 and I am 76 and we are stronger and have better balance because we “practice” Yoga with your inspiration and guidance every day.

Carla A.

Yoga Vista Member

I am 65 and overweight and have been in constant pain with reduced movement for years. Your classes have changed my life. 


Yoga Vista Member

20+ Teachers

Our Teachers are highly-trained and certified in their Specialty areas.

1,000+ Yoga Videos

Enjoy our wide variety of online Yoga videos! We continually add new ones!

Specialties & Expertise

We have International experts in the field of Yoga Therapeutics and Movement Modalities.

Your enrollment helps improve the lives of other human beings, especially those with physical limitations. Your commitment to Yoga Vista keeps the YogaVistaTV YouTube channel alive! We appreciate your continued support to provide accessible, consistent, high-quality, free Yoga for all.


Watch some Educational Videos to learn something new!

Chair Yoga

The Yoga Style Everyone Can Do!

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Yoga with a Therapeutic Approach!

Somatic Wellness

Beyond Stretching! Try the Gentle Somatic Yoga Way!

Specialty Videos

Specialty Classes to Meet your Specific Needs!

Educational Videos

Be a Lifelong Learner and become more familiar with Your Body!


Wellness Practices

For Health-Specific Topics

Targeted Yoga Classes for Specific Issues, Conditions & Concerns

Support and Strengthen your Body and Reduce Pain with professional Yoga classes designed to help you take on your day-to-day. FREE access to a collection of Articles carefully compiled by our Teacher community that match your problems with the right solutions. Check them out!

Series & Collections

Classes with a Theme

Yoga Class Series keep you Focused & Committed!

Indulge in a collection of classes designed to address your specific needs and get you moving like never before. With collections ranging from bone health to balance and coordination, find what’s right for you and work around your schedule to complete the routines. And we even have “Challenges” that help build your strength, stamina and coordination!

Seasonal Playlists

Feel the Energy of the Season!

Every Season has an Energy Vibe!

Each Season brings along its own energy and calls to us to adjust to the changes around us. Four playlists available for each Season:

  • Short & Sweet – Classes that are under 30 minutes
  • Seasonal Favorites – Popular videos for that Season
  • Slow & Mellow – Practices to help relax your body and mind
  • Class Series – Grouping of classes with a specific theme or focus


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