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Mary Baker Awesome Arms & Upper Body
Gentle & Hatha YogaMary Baker

Awesome Arms & Upper Body Yoga Flow

Ready to strengthen and tone your arms and upper body so you look and feel amazing? This series of four classes is designed to safely and progressively help you develop a stronger upper body and...

Maria Perez Bundle Sentirnos Bien
Chair YogaMaria Perez

Yoga en Silla para Sentirnos Bien

No es bueno estar sentados o inactivos por mucho tiempo. Nuestros músculos y se acostumbran a no moverse. Tenemos que romper esa rutina y hacer movimientos que normalmente no hacemos. Disfruten...

Sherry Zak Morris - Hometown Series
Gentle & Hatha YogaSherry Zak Morris

Hometown Yoga Series: Strong and Flexible

Join me in this Standing Yoga Series recorded in my hometown in Northeast Ohio in the Autumn. In each of these 20-minute practices, we will focus on strength, balance, flexibility and posture....

Sherry Zak Morris Strong Bones for Midlifers
Chair YogaSherry Zak Morris

Strong Bones for Midlifers

If you are between the ages of 50 and 75, it's time to get serious about your bone health! In this 4-part Yoga Series, I share 15 minute short (but impactful) practices targeted at the specific...

Sherry Zak Morris Power Chakra Series
Gentle & Hatha YogaSherry Zak Morris

Chakra Series: Power Up Your Practice!

Join me in this 7-class Yoga series where we will explore the meaning and inspiration of the Chakras while moving, flowing and holding in our Yoga poses. Great for those who want to "power up"...

Sherry Zak Morris Strong and Sturdy Series
Gentle & Hatha YogaSherry Zak Morris

Strong and Sturdy Yoga Series

If you have trouble with your balance, if you have had a stumble or fall, or if you feel your legs are not as strong as you would like them to be… this Series is for you. This is a multi-class...

Tatis Cervantes-Aiken Vibrant Aging Chair Yoga
Chair YogaTatis Cervantes-Aiken

Vibrant Aging Yoga

If you like a little challenge and creative play with your Yoga, then get ready to have some fun while you get your body moving. In this video series, Tatis offers up unique movement patterns and...

Sherry Zak Morris Pelvic Floor Series
Therapeutic YogaSherry Zak Morris

Pelvic Floor Yoga Program Series

If you have experienced episodes of involuntary urination, leakage or dribbling… this information is for YOU! Learn why this happens, and most importantly, what YOU can do to improve and remedy...

Sherry Zak Morris Wheelchair Series
Specialty VideosSherry Zak Morris

Wheelchair Yoga

Sherry leads this lively and easy-to-follow Wheelchair Yoga video series that is accessible to almost everyone. These classes were filmed LIVE at a local Assisted Living and Rehab Center with a...

James Knight - GSY LIVE! Volume 2
Somatic YogaJames Knight

Gentle Somatic Yoga® LIVE! – Volume 2

As a science-based and heart-centered exploration of movement, Gentle Somatic Yoga® is a mindful practice in which muscles are reprogrammed to dissolve stiffness and pain, dramatically increasing...

Gentle & Hatha YogaRebecca Dennis

Get Up and Go Yoga Series

Do you like structure to your Yoga Practice? Rebecca Dennis of Laughing Bodies Yoga has created five 30 minute videos to support your home yoga practice. A new sequence each day helps you stay...

Justine Shelton - Aloha Yoga Therapy Series
Therapeutic YogaJustine Shelton

Aloha LIVE! Gentle Yoga Therapy

This Yoga series is a collection of Justine’s popular Yoga with Justine Gentle Yoga and Healthy Back classes. Each class contains foundational elements and modifications to keep your spine and...

Courtney Killian Bundle
Gentle & Hatha YogaEducational LecturesCourtney Amber Kilian

Yogic Toolkit for Migraine Relief

Courtney uses a gentle, mindful approach, geared to transform your relationship to your body and its experience of pain. Melt into this series to release tension and build your healing arsenal...

Tatis Cervantes-Aiken Lively Chair Yoga
Chair YogaTatis Cervantes-Aiken

Lively Chair Yoga

Includes both seated and standing Yoga poses and sequences that will help you with your balance, strength and coordination! Get Moving! Keep Moving and you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel!...

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