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Chair Yoga Therapy™: Healing and Recovery

with Sherry Zak Morris
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Content | 3 videos - 15 min average

Level | Novice

Format | Seated & Standing

Chair Yoga Therapy™ Video Series: Therapeutic Support for Healing and Recovery

Utilizing her Yoga Therapy skills and a decade of experience teaching Chair Yoga in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Sherry developed a safe and practicable Yoga Therapy approach to bring hope to those who are on the road to healing and recovery.  These targeted Chair Yoga practices focus on the 3 key areas of physical health to regain throughout the recovery process:

  • Improve Your Breathing – Learn how to Expand and Strengthen your Lungs
  • Power up your Circulation – Get Moving for Stronger Cardiovascular Health
  • Expand your Mobility – Strengthen your Muscles and Joints for Better Balance & Coordination

In partnership with Healthcare Providers, these Chair Yoga videos can be utilized in a hospital or clinical setting, as well as for in-home use. Check with your healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program.


Learn how to expand and strengthen your Lungs. The lungs help move oxygen through your body which is critical to the healing process. Deep breaths are also very beneficial for releasing tension and pain. In this video, I will share several different breathing exercises to help expand your lungs and increase your energy.

“Yoga Therapy assists the body and reinforces the natural healing abilities we all have.”

Videos In This Series

Filmed in a beautiful park setting, these Chair Yoga Therapy™ videos are a ray of sunshine in the dark times of recovery. Each 10-15 minute Chair Yoga practice targets key areas to strengthen and regain function during the Healing and Recovery process. They can be done together as a set or individually as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Breathing Practices - To strengthen the lungs and bring energy into the body to support the healing process
Circulation Practices - To improve cardio-vascular health and support the critical functions of the heart and lungs during recovery.
Mobility Practices - To strengthen muscles and improve joint mobility needed for ambulatory function

Bonus Materials

COVID Takes a Toll on your Energy Levels and Reserves

How easily could you climb this hill?

It is a gentle slope, but quite a ways to the top. Imagine you could not stop or turn around. Do you think your heart, lungs and body would help you make it?

And if you made it to the top, how would you feel?

  • Perhaps tired
  • A bit breathless
  • Grateful you made it
  • And probably relieved it was behind you

That is exactly how I felt as I recovered from COVID. I made it to the top and survived the COVID Journey. Post-COVID, here is what I learned in the 3 months since I was diagnosed.

The analogy of Climbing the Hill is a good one because most people can relate to how that feels. At some time or another in your life, you probably had to exert some significant physical effort for a duration of time without stopping. So, I’m sure some of you are already thinking that the Hill would be a piece of cake to walk up. And yes, others may be thinking they could tap into their energy reserves to complete the task if they really had to. On the other hand, there are some of you who could not even attempt 10 steps without feeling winded and wiped out. Read more….