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Welcome to Yoga Vista!
Chair Yoga Dances
Chair Yoga
Welcome to Yoga Vista!
Chair Yoga
Gentle Hatha Yoga
Somatic Wellness
Specialty Videos
Educational Videos
Wellness Practices
Welcome to Yoga Vista!
Welcome to Yoga Vista!
Seasonal Playlists
Series & Collections

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Welcome to Yoga Vista!

If you’re new to Yoga or YogaVista.TV, this is the place where you want to start.

This section of the video library includes a variety of videos for you to find what works best and gives you some ideas of what is available for you. Check out some of the video collections within this part of the library:

Welcome to Yoga Vista!

Never done Yoga before? Or fairly new to the practice? Check out these videos to get you started!

Welcome to Yoga Vista!

This is a representative sample of classes that you’ll find throughout our catalog.

Welcome to Yoga Vista!

Now is the time to get back to Feeling Better! Get your body moving!

Find other “Novice” videos

To view other “Novice” videos, CLICK HERE. Use the other filters (e.g. author, format and duration) to narrow your search even more.

Add to “Favorites”

When you find a video you really like, you can “add it to your favorites” and they will appear in a “Favorites” category at the top of the listing on the Browse ALL Videos page.

Chair Yoga

Find something new or something you haven’t tried before!

This collection of videos is always changing. We’ll highlight some videos you might not find otherwise or may have forgotten about. Check them out!


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Chair Yoga
Gentle Hatha Yoga
Somatic Wellness

What do you feel like doing? How much time do you have?

Chair Yoga

Here’s a list of classes you might be interested in today:

  • Floor & Standing — under 25 minutes
  • Floor & Standing — 25 to 45 minutes
  • Floor & Standing — over 45 minutes
  • All Standing — under 25 minutes
  • All Standing — 25 to 45 minutes
  • All Standing — over 45 minutes

Are you looking for Chair Yoga Dances?

Look no further! Enjoy with NO ads!


Let’s Dance and Feel Good!

If you like the energetic and fun vibe of dancing to familiar songs, come check out our growing selection of All-Dancing Chair Yoga Dance classes as well as our Chair Yoga classes with Dances included.

Chair Yoga Dances


Wellness Practices

What do you want to focus on today?

  • Diabetes Self-Management
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Heart Health
  • Healing & Recovery
  • Joint Health
  • Low Back Care
  • Mental & Emotional Well-Being
  • Muscular Strength
  • Pelvic Floor Conditioning
  • Posture Improvement


Seasonal Playlists

Expand your Yoga Practice and Stay Motivated

We had fun thinking of themes for these special Yoga Series that focus on a goal, a challenge, an experience and/or a virtual adventure. We have 7 and 14 day programs to give you lots of variety and we also include practices from different teachers in several programs. It’s a great way to stay focused and to meet some of our amazing Yoga Vista teachers. Make a commitment to practice Yoga every day with our focused Challenges and Adventures!

Seasonal Playlists

Move and Flow for Better Fitness

These are practices for those who want to move and flow and get down to business. They are perfect for generating heat, increasing cardio output and just flowing with life.

Seasonal Playlists

Feel the Energy of the Season

Each Season brings along its own energy and calls to us to adjust to the changes around us. We selected our playlists based on the season they were filmed, or the seasonal theme of the class. You can choose from the season you are currently in, or find others that call to you.

Series & Collections

Video Series with a Theme

Here you’ll find collections of classes by the same teacher as well as similarly themed classes. Try out one or two in the series to see if it fits your needs. Some series are short (3-4 videos) and some are longer (5-7 videos).

Specialty Videos

Specialty Classes to Meet your Specific Needs!

  • Safe and accessible Yoga classes for people of all ages and abilities
  • Classes specific to particular populations or interests
Educational Videos

Be a Lifelong Learner and become more familiar with Your Body!

  • Owner’s Manual for your Body in video format
  • Anatomy Education to empower your self-care


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500+ Yoga Videos

Enjoy our wide variety of online Yoga videos! We continually add new ones!

Specialties & Expertise

We have experts in the field of Yoga Therapeutics and Movement Modalities.
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