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Movement Meditation Series

with Kim OBrien
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Content | 7 videos - from 20 to 45 min each

Level | Beginner & Intermediate

Format | All Standing

These practices have been shown to improve:

  • coordination and balance
  • agility and reaction time
  • sensory function and cognitive processing
  • muscular strength and bone density
  • overall feeling of health and wellness.

Discover the benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong!


Want to learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong?  Then this beginning series is a great way to start!  This 7-class video series contains gentle, fluid movements from a standing position and is accessible to most practitioners. Choosing to use a chair to aid in balance or even sit while performing some of the upper body movements and breath work is always an option.

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Videos In This Series

All videos in the Movement Meditation Series, except for the warm-up, have a seated meditation practice at the end that reinforce the teachings of the movement practice. Although the sessions progress in a way that leads to the final video, they do not need to be practiced in that order.

Kim OBrien Movement Meditation Warm-Up
Movement Meditation Warm-Up - 20 minutes
Kim OBrien Rotate the Moon
Rotate the Moon - 30 minutes
KOBrien Through the Clouds
Through the Clouds - 35 minutes
KOBrien Wild Horses and White Cranes
Wild Horses and White Cranes - 40 minutes
KOBrien Play the Strings
Play the Strings - 35 minutes
KOBrien Tail Feathers
Tail Feathers - 40 minutes
KOBrien Final Tai Chi Forms
Final Movement Meditation: All Tai Chi Forms - 45 minutes