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Best of Sherry! Volume 3 - Energizing Chair Yoga

with Sherry Zak Morris
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Content | 9 videos - 50 min average

Level | Beginner & Intermediate

Format | Seated & Standing

Most popular Energizing Chair Yoga Classes with Sherry

Viewers voted these 9 classes the most watched in 2018! Most of these classes were filmed after Sherry transitioned out of ownership of the Yoga Vista Studio which became the Yoga Branch Vista Village Studio. Join in the fun with our group of actively aging Seniors. Never get bored because every class is different, but familiar!

These easy-to-follow Chair Yoga classes are accessible to almost everyone. Each class includes seated and standing Yoga poses to help you reap the physical, mental and emotional benefits of this gentle Chair Yoga practice.

Check out Sherry’s Best of Volume 1 and Volume 2.


Do you know why people who do Yoga often have a different body structure than those who work out with machines?

In this short video I discuss the benefits of doing integrative movements vs. just isolating a certain part of your body over and over again. Both are beneficial for different reasons. For the best structural support and body fluidity… full body integration is key.

Videos In This Series

Enjoy this great selection of Best of Energizing Chair Yoga classes filmed at the Yoga Branch Vista Village Studio!!

Sherry Zak Morris Core, Posture Pelvic floor
Core, Posture & Pelvic Floor
Sherry Zak Morris Get a Yoga Body
Get a Yoga Body!
Sherry Zak Morris Let it be hard
Let it be Hard Sometimes
Sherry Zak Morris Flamingo Fun
Flamingo Fun & Fluidity
Sherry Zak Morris Posture Busting
Posture Busting Sequences
Sherry Zak Morris Stretch and Recoil
Stretch & Recoil for your Fascia
Sherry Zak Morris Get Moving and Heal Better
Get Moving & Heal Better
Sherry Zak Morris Combat Congestion through Movement
Combat Congestion through Movement
Sherry Zak Morris Mental and Physical Dexterity
Mental and Physical Dexterity