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Best of Sherry! Volume 1 - Energizing Chair Yoga

with Sherry Zak Morris
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Content | 9 videos - 50 min average

Level | Beginner & Intermediate

Format | Seated & Standing

Most popular Energizing Chair Yoga Classes with Sherry – Yoga Vista Vintage Collection

Sherry leads these easy-to-follow Chair Yoga classes that are accessible to almost everyone. Each class includes seated and standing Yoga poses to help you reap the physical, mental and emotional benefits of this gentle Chair Yoga practice.

Choose from 30 to 60 minutes Chair Yoga practices that include poses and sequences for balancing, strengthening, flexibility and stamina.

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Sherry combines Yoga with Education. Every class contains some interesting factoid about your body. Knowledge is healing power!

Did you know you have a precious diamond on the backside of you that needs your attention? The thoracolumbar fascia (TLF) is a diamond-shaped connective tissue found in the small of the back, and can be implicated in low back pain. In a recent study the TLF was found to be thickened by 25% or more in patients with chronic Low Back Pain.

Learn more about this Diamond and try these easy, gentle movements to stretch and move into this area to bring relief to that tense, binding feeling. All done while sitting in your chair!

Videos In This Series

All 9 Classes are different… but familiar!

Sherry Zak Morris Feeling Loose
Feeling Loose and Feeling Better!
Sherry Zak Morris Feeling Blocky or Fluid
Feeling “Blocky” or Feeling “Fluid”
Sherry Zak Morris Banishing Back Pain
Banishing Back Pain Naturally!
Sherry Zak Morris Moving Mindfully
Moving Mindfully Can Keep you Healthy Longer
Sherry Zak Morris Getting to the Root of Yoga
Getting to the Root of Yoga: Letting it Go!
Sherry Zak Morris Chair Yoga for the Heart
Chair Yoga for your Heart! Keep Moving!
Sherry Zak Morris Celebrity Moves
Move Like Elvis, Marilyn and Tom Jones!
Sherry Zak Morris Stretch the Diamond
Loosen up your Back – Stretch the Diamond
Sherry Zak Morris Advanced Chair Yoga
Advanced Chair Yoga – Taking it up a Notch!