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Hometown Yoga Series: Strong and Flexible

with Sherry Zak Morris
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Content | 4 videos - 20 min average

Level | Beginner & Intermediate

Format | All Standing

Join me in this Intermediate Level Standing Yoga Series for Strong Bones recorded in my hometown in Northeast Ohio in the Autumn. In each of these practices, we will focus on strength, balance, flexibility and posture. These are shorter practices, but they pack in lots of challenge should you want it, or take it easy if you choose to.

Recommended for those who have a stronger Gentle Yoga practice.


Enjoy the nature vibe of early Autumn in the Midwestern United States as I share a series of standing Yoga practices. These practices are short, but they can be challenging as we hold poses a bit longer and balance a bit more.

Videos In This Series

Each class focuses on a particular part of your body to bring strength, mobility and coordination to your entire being.

Sherry Zak Morris - Hometown Yoga - Strength and Flexibility
Great Way to Start the Morning!
Sherry Zak Morris - Hometown Yoga Practice - Get a Strong Upper Body
A Great workout for Arms, Shoulders & Torso
Sherry Zak Morris - Hometown Yoga Practice for a Strong Back and Good Posture
Your Posture is your Stature
Sherry Zak Morris - Hometown Yoga Practice to Get Balanced and Strong
Good Balance takes time & practice

Bonus Materials

Enjoy this playful practice where I incorporate some fun balancing poses and great stretches!

I filmed this short practice the day before flying on an airplane back to my home in California. This is my parent’s backyard where I spent many years growing up and playing. Get outside as often as you can!