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Fascial Renewal Series for Youthful Fluidity

with Sherry Zak Morris
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Content | 4 videos - 20 min average duration

Level | Beginner & Intermediate

Format | All Standing

If you experience pain, tightness, denseness and limited mobility in certain areas of your body, this Fascial Renewal Series is for you.

Fascia is an internal net that serves as your second skin. It wraps around your muscles and bones, as well as your internal organs. When our Fascia is tight and dense, we have less mobility and flexibility. But, the good news is…. with Movement… our fascia can become more supple and pliable. Motion is Lotion! Grab a water bottle and join in this 4-part Video series that will get you flowing and feeling young again


Do you feel tight and inflexible? I invite you to move “organically” with me to explore those areas that are tight and move and groove into those areas that have more mobility. Be like a kid and play along with the fun movements. I hope you enjoy my favorite “Free Bird” sequence – it will make you feel like you are a kid once again!


This practice starts and ends standing, but has a few movements on the floor. So have a yoga mat handy.

Videos In This Series

Renew Your Flexibility
Bring Freedom of Movement to your Body
Move and Groove to Release your Fascia
Fly like a Free Bird