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Strong and Sturdy Yoga Series

with Sherry Zak Morris
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Content | 7 videos - 20 min average

Level | Beginner & Intermediate

Format | All Standing

If you have trouble with your balance, if you have had a stumble or fall, or if you feel your legs are not as strong as you would like them to be… this Series is for you. This is a multi-class series that focuses on Balancing, Standing, Holding and Core Work Poses using different props and methods in each standing class to keep it fun and motivating.

Target Audience: Great Practice for Bikers, Hikers, Runner, Joggers and anyone who relies on their strong legs for sports, activities and LIFE!


After a “weak knee” episode before I ventured out on a 14-day hiking trip, I knew I had to do something to get my legs feeling strong and sturdy again. This Standing Yoga Series will make your legs feel powerful, strong and stable once again.  I am happy to report that my Camino de Santiago hike was a success because my legs were Strong and Sturdy the whole time!

Remember… if you do the work, it WORKS!

Videos In This Series

This is a multi-class series and we will focus on Balancing, Standing, Holding and Core Work Poses. Remember to switch up your daily practice with different routines so as not to over-work your muscles.

Sherry Zak Morris Strong Legs
Strong Legs - Daily Practice
Balance & Strength for Sturdy Legs
Balance & Strength for Sturdy Legs
Sherry Zak Morris Playful Agility
Payful Agility with Props
sherry zak morris Balance Man cave
Balance Holds & Challenges
Sherry Zak Morris Strong and straight
Strong & Straight Bones and Joints
Sherry Zak Morris Stronger Legs
Even Stronger Legs
Strength and Stillness

Bonus Materials

If you want to get stronger bones and joints, or if you want to keep them strong… here are 3 tips to get you ready for the Strong and Sturdy Yoga Series with me. I learned these pearls of wisdom through the School of Hard Knocks, so I hope they are useful to you.