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Chakra Series: Power Up Your Practice!

with Sherry Zak Morris
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Content | 7 videos - 20 min average

Level | Intermediate & Advanced

Format | Floor & Standing

Entering into my mid 60’s, I know that I need to bring in more Power, Challenge and Cardio more often into my life. But, I also know I need to do it wisely so that I don’t get hurt or overdo it. These practices have lot of benefits to challenge us and keep us strong, nimble and healthy!

Recommended for those who have a stronger Gentle Yoga practice.


Join me in this 7-class Yoga series where we will explore the meaning and inspiration of the Chakras while moving, flowing and holding our Yoga poses. Great for those who want to “power up” their Yoga practice and get inspired to be the best YOU!

Videos In This Series

Each practice has a theme relating to the specific energy of the Chakra. The practices provide us a time to cultivate and embrace every aspect of our physical being which is inter-connected with our ethereal being.

Sherry Zak Morris - Root Chakra Yoga Practice
Power up Your Practice!
Sherry Zak Morris - Sacral Chakra Yoga Practice
Find Your Powerful & Creative Flow
Sherry Zak Morris - Solar Chakra Yoga Practice
Solar-Powered Sun Salutations
Sherry Zak Morris - Heart Chakra Yoga Practice
Open your Heart Chakra
Sherry Zak Morris - Throat Chakra Yoga Practice
Speak & Live your Truth!
Sherry Zak Morris - Third Eye Chakra Yoga Practice
Find Insight & Inspiration
Sherry Zak Morris - Crown Chakra Yoga Practice
Find your Mark of Honor