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Awesome Arms & Upper Body Yoga Flow

with Mary Baker
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Content | 4 videos - 35 min average

Level | Beginner & Intermediate

Format | Floor & Standing

This series is designed to safely and progressively help you develop a stronger upper body and get a whole body yummy yoga flow, too!

  • Class 1: Focus on the foundations. Safe and proper form which we will then build upon in each class.
  • Class 2: Take the foundations built in class one and progressively add in more complex movements. Let’s get those arms and body moving!!
  • Class 3: Level things up and work on more repetitive strengthening movements for the arms and upper body. Time to heat things up!!
  • Class 4: Test your newfound strength with plenty of options to level up! Let’s celebrate those strong arms and upper body and get moving!


Ready to strengthen and tone your arms and upper body so you look and feel amazing? Please make sure you are free from any injuries to the shoulders, arms, and wrists before starting these classes. Time to get stronger and more toned! Let’s get started!

Videos In This Series

Work at your own pace, take breaks when you need them, and do each class multiple times until you feel ready to move on to the next level.

Mary Baker Awesome Arms Class 1
Awesome Arms Class 1
Mary Baker Awesome Arms Class 2
Awesome Arms Class 2
Mary Baker Awesome Arms Class 3
Awesome Arms Class 3
Mary Baker Awesome Arms Class 4
Awesome Arms Class 4