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Yamas and Niyamas - Guided Meditation Series

with Sharon Cavanagh
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Content | 10 videos - 10 min average

Level | All Levels

The Yamas (social restraints) and the Niyamas (self-disciplines) are ethical principles that guide how we relate to other people and how we take care of ourselves. Enjoy these ten beautiful guided meditations that shine a light on the Yogic principles of the Yamas and Niyamas. With these meditations, you will be planting an intention to infuse these teachings into your life and being at a subconscious level.

Recommended for anyone who wants Peace of Mind!


When most people hear the word Yoga, they think of bendy body movements, meditation and maybe some breathing practices. However, there are two other limbs of Yoga which you may not be aware of… unless you have studied Yoga in-depth. These are a set of ethical precepts called the Yamas (translated as restraints) and Niyamas (translated as observances). Indeed, if we learn to implement their teachings, they can help us to live a healthier lifestyle.

Videos In This Series

These meditations are organized by the Yamas (translated as restraints) and the Niyamas (translated as observances). Each one has a deep life philosophy interwoven into each meditation that will permeate your being with goodwill and good intentions.

Sharon Cavanagh Asteya Non-Stealing
Asteya: Non-Stealing - 9 minutes
Sharon Cavanagh Satya Truthfulness
Satya: Truthfulness - 9 minutes
Sharon Cavanagh Ahimsa Peacefulness
Ahimsa: Peacefulness - 9 minutes
Sharon Cavanagh Brahmacharya Moving towards the Essential
Brahmacharya: Moving towards the Essential - 13 minutes
Sharon Cavanagh Aparigraha Not Grasping
Aparigraha: Not Grasping - 10 minutes
Sharon Cavanagh Saucha Purity
Saucha: Purity - 10 minutes
Sharon Cavanagh Santosha Contentment
Santosha: Contentment - 11 minutes
Sharon Cavanagh Tapas To Blaze Brightly
Tapas: To Blaze Brightly - 10 minutes
Sharon Cavanagh Svadhyaya Self Study
Svadhyaya: Self Study - 11 minutes
Sharon Cavanagh Ishvarapranidhana Seeing the Spiritual
Ishvarapranidhana: Seeing the Spiritual - 14 minutes