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Fall Prevention Chair Yoga Program

with Sharon Cavanagh
Purchase for $19 Streaming Only - NO DVDs Available


Content | 4 videos - 30 min average

Level | Novice

Format | Seated & Standing

Reduce your risk of falling by practicing Yoga using a Chair for support. Studies show that Yoga can improve the ability to rise from a chair, help with weight loss, increase step length and psychologically reduce the fear of falling.

In this Beginner Level Chair Yoga Program, Sharon covers four key areas of Fall Prevention:

  1. Strengthening the Core
  2. Working on Balance
  3. Stamina and Stability
  4. Stretching for Flexibility & Focus

*** This is an ideal Program to bring into Rehabilitation centers, senior care facilities or use with a loved one in a home setting. ***


Do you know of someone who had a fall and found it to be a long road to recovery? This 4-Part Chair Yoga Fall Prevention Program is near and dear to our hearts here at Yoga Vista. We have had 4 loved ones experience a fall in the past several months. We watched how long and arduous the process of “coming back to themselves” really took. We don’t want to be on that journey, right?

Get Stronger now and you can avoid Falls!

Videos In This Series

This Program contains 4 Chair Yoga Videos that use the Chair for support.

Strengthening the Core
Working on Balance
Stamina and Stability
Stretching for Flexibility and Focus