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Aloha LIVE! Gentle Yoga Therapy

with Justine Shelton
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6 Gentle Yoga Therapy Classes

This Yoga series is a collection of Justine’s popular Yoga with Justine Gentle Yoga and Healthy Back classes filmed at the Yoga Vista Studio. Each class contains foundational elements and modifications to keep your spine and joints safe, strong and mobile. Each class offers up a wide variety of poses.

These classes are Beginner level and accessible to everyone who can get up and down from the floor. Pace yourself and do what feels good in your body. You will reap the benefits of a regular practice with this safe and effective Yoga Therapy Series.


Gentle Yoga Therapy for Knee and Hamstring Health with Justine Shelton, C-IAYT

Everything in your body is interconnected! So a simple backbend with different variations can be good for strengthening the bones of your legs and arms. In this sequence, Justine adds movements to nourish your knees and support your hamstrings, along with strengthening your back. If any of these call to you, check out this short, but powerful, Gentle Yoga Therapy sequence.


Videos In This Series

Each Gentle Yoga Therapy class contains movements for the entire body, with focus areas for common troublesome places. Choose a different class every practice, so that you work your muscles and joints in different ways.

Justine Shelton - Yoga for Osteopororis
Full Yoga Class for Osteoporosis
Justine Shelton - Aloha - Viniyoga Class
Healing what Aches you!
Justine Shelton - Aloha Feet Legs and More
Feet, Legs and More!
Justine Shelton - Aloha Whole Body
Therapy for the Whole Body
Justine Shelton - Aloha Legs and Hips
Therapy for the Legs and Hips
Justine Shelton - Aloha Low Back
Therapy for the Low Back