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Smita Vyas

Certified Yoga Teacher

Corporate, Chair and Gentle Yoga

Santiago, Chile

About Smita

Smita is an internationally certified Yoga teacher known for her passion, gentle approach, and holistic teaching style that embraces the mind-body-soul connection. Life before Yoga was full of stressing over work, poor quality sleep, and unhealthy eating habits.

In 2017, Smita moved to Rishikesh, India and pursued an intense 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. This initial pursuit turned into a year long sabbatical, and would forever shift the rest of her life. Even though it was difficult to leave her comfort zone behind, she learned the following lessons: value and enjoy your time more, build an authentic relationship with yourself, and learn to flow with change. It was through this sabbatical journey that she realized the importance of paying attention to her posture, nervous system, thoughts, and the way she breathes on a daily basis. A year later, she decided to concentrate her efforts on students who have a limited range of flexibility and acquired further knowledge through Yoga Vista’s programs.

She strongly believes that a smooth and progressive asana practice definitely requires a solid and proper foundation. Smita’s main objective as an educator is to demonstrate to her students that Yoga is much more than flexibility and strength. It is the awareness that you cultivate through movement and breath that makes Yoga special.


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