Always stop any Yoga practice if you feel it is not serving you to the highest regard.

Guidelines for Aging Well

Find what is appropriate for YOUR state of health

  • Age is not a parameter when deciding what movement practices are best for you to participate in; Instead, your physical abilities should guide you to the practice that will serve your current health needs
  • The beauty of Yoga is that it is non-competitive, which means you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else; Additionally, you shouldn’t compete with yourself thinking you should be doing more or less because you are of a certain age
  • Trust your inner wisdom because you are always in control of your own health and well-being

Honor your Injuries and Limitations  

  • If you have past injuries or physical limitations, ensure that you keep yourself safe and avoid any movements that bring you pain; Pain that is sharp, knife-like or tingling should remind you to stop immediately
  • Work slowly on the range of motion of areas where you experience pain, tightness and stiffness
  • Always use your breath as a guide to not over-extend your effort

Caution when you are healing or on the mend 

  • The body is an organic specimen which means it can change, repair and heal; So, if you are in recovery from an injury and/or surgery, make sure to focus on breathing to bring in more oxygen for the healing process
  • Always follow the guidelines of your healthcare practitioner when doing any exercise program
  • If a particular part of your body is not able to perform certain movements, focus on other areas that can; Movement is healing