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Always stop any Yoga practice if you feel it is not serving you to the highest regard.

Guidelines for Mental & Emotional Well-Being

Healthy Mental & Emotional State

  • Enjoy the equilibrium of this state; Keep your Nervous System in balance with a combination of rest and activity
  • Movement brings prana and energy into your body; As a result, it keeps you happy and motivated
  • Rest and relaxation calms your Nervous System; Consequently, you can digest your food better and sleep more soundly

Anxiety or Depression 

  • These conditions come with a busy mind; If you are fretting or worrying or going down into a dark tunnel of despair, find something that soothes you
  • Try guided meditations to direct attention away from your thoughts
  • Breathwork (Pranayama) is wonderful for slowing down your heart rate and your thoughts; It also brings clarity to your mind
  • Without doubt, stop any practice that makes you more anxious

Mood Disorders 

  • If these are seasonal or episodic, practice Gentle Yoga to nurture yourself and your being
  • If they are long-lasting, seek professional guidance

Substance Abuse or Addiction 

  • Welcome Yoga and meditation in your self-care practices
  • Don’t berate yourself; Give yourself compassion instead
  • Guided meditations and visualizations can provide solace; In addition, they diminish physical desires
  • Above all, seek professional help if you feel you are not in control of your choices and your being