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Always stop any Yoga practice if you feel it is not serving you to the highest regard.

Guidelines for Posture & Flexibility

Healthy Posture & Balanced Flexibility

  • Great job for being mindful of these two components for Healthy Aging!
  • Be aware of your standing and sitting posture; Make adjustments when you are out of alignment or feel tension or pain
  • Never push beyond the limitations of your joints when stretching; Stop when you have “hit the bumper” type of sensation

Kyphotic Posture 

(rounded/hunched upper back)

  • Be mindful of bending, especially if you also have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis in the upper back; Keep your spine lengthened while hinging at the hips during forward folds
  • Add modifications to standing poses by you drawing your shoulders blades together to encourage the opening of your heart and chest
  • Practice gentle backbends to strengthen the muscles of your back

Asymmetrical Alignment 

  • Do encourage your weaker side to get stronger by doing more repetitions or longer holds than your stronger side
  • For leg discrepancy, wear lifts when doing standing poses
  • Identify and change daily movement patterns to help balance your structure; For example, carry your purse on the other shoulder, use the computer mouse with the other hand, etc.

Loss of Stature 

  • Investigate the reason for your loss of stature with your healthcare provider to ensure you are not suffering from Vertebral Compression Fractures before practicing Yoga
  • Encourage lengthening of your spine with poses like Child’s Pose and Down Dog and raise your arms above your head
  • Use your breath to expand the space in between your spinal discs while doing lengthening movements

Tight Muscles 

  • Never push into any stretch as you can tear or damage tendons and ligaments; Always stop at or before that “hitting the bumper” feeling
  • Move in and out of stretches rather than holding a stretch for a long time in order to signal the body that it is not being threatened by injury
  • Consider many of our Gentle Somatic Yoga classes that offer a movement philosophy called “Pandiculation” to release chronically tense muscles