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Let us Help you on your Road to Healing & Recovery!

Your body has an innate ability to heal. Just like your skinned knee eventually healed when you were a young child, your body knows how to heal wounds, broken bones, damaged soft tissues and even organs… given the right environment. Certainly, much of the healing process occurs over time. Therefore, patience and diligence are key to assisting your body on its amazing healing journey.

Current surgical protocols advise movement shortly after surgery to encourage the flow of energy (prana) through the body. Most importantly, this helps kick-start the healing process. Indeed, moving our body requires muscular action. As a result, this propels blood flow through the 60,000 miles of vessels to bring nutrients to the healing location. In addition to muscular action, oxygen is needed for cellular function in order to kill bacteria and generate resistance to infection. Oxygen also stimulates the creation of new blood vessels and aids growth factors to form new skin. Consequently, gentle breathing practices are very important in our body’s healing process.

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How Best to Approach Healing & Recovery?

Firstly, always check in with your doctor and/or healthcare provider to determine what movement practices are best for your condition. Secondly, be patient. Without a doubt, healing takes time, consistency and compassion for yourself. Most likely, you will feel frustrated and impatient as you want to get yourself back to “normal” once again. Therefore, meditation practices like Yoga Nidra, Guided Visualizations and Sound Healing practices are important to reduce your stress levels.

YogaVista.TV is here to provide support during your Healing Journey! For instance, we have lots of movement and meditation practices that will help you get back to YOU! In other words, we are here to guide and encourage you with our structured Wellness Practices.

Collection of Videos

Note: This collection and the related video series are included in all YogaVista.TV subscription plans.

We made it easy for you to find practices that work into your lifestyle. This collection was specifically created to support you during a time of Healing & Recovery. Mix and match from these options:

Above all, be kind to yourself and take time to heal and recover form your injuries, surgeries, or health issues!

To view this collection and/or the related video series below, click on an image.

Related Video Series

The following Video Series are an easy way for you to start your Wellness Practices for Healing and Recovery! Depending on your physical abilities, your format preference, and your time commitment, choose a series to begin with and see where it takes you. Each of these series was specifically designed to help you heal and recover mindfully!

Heather Sager Healing the Upper Body

Healing the Upper Body – Adaptive Yoga Series with Heather

Sherry Zak Morris Chair Yoga Therapy Post-Covid Healing & Recovery

Chair Yoga Therapy: Healing & Recovery with Sherry

Kim OBrien Movement Meditation Series

Movement Meditation Series with Kim

Online Workshops related to Healing & Recovery

Workshop: Yoga for Aging – The Anatomy of Movement

We are all aging… that is undeniable. However, what happens to our bodies as we age varies from person to person. Although there are universal aspects of aging, we can actually modify and/or control many of them in order to lead healthier lives. In this Workshop, Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT and E-RYT, discusses what happens to our structures as we age. In addition, she explains how these structural changes can be manifested in people over the age of 50 via their posture and gait (walking pattern). Lastly, she provides information on what we can do in a Yoga practice to counteract these changes and/or diminish their progression.

Note: This Workshop is included in various YogaVista.TV subscription plans. It is an excerpt from the full 4-Hour workshop: Foundations of Yoga for Seniors and the Anatomy of Aging.

Online Workshop: An Introduction to Ayurveda and the Doshas

Want to reboot your health status? Do you feel tired, experience hot flashes, have heartburn or sluggish digestion? Do you have difficulty sleeping at night? Learn what these symptoms mean and what lifestyle and dietary adjustments can be made to bring life into balance with the study of Ayurveda. As part of this Workshop with Lulu Peelle, you will complete a questionnaire to learn about your dosha (mind/body constitution). This will empower you to observe, practice and change the life patterns that cause you stress and imbalance. Extensive handouts are provided as ongoing resources for this valuable life-long practice of health and wellness.

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