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Ready to improve your Posture & Flexibility?

Posture and Flexibility are like siamese twins – inseparable! If you feel your body is locked in a posture that causes you pain and discomfort, then you are experiencing joint misalignment and a compromised musculature structure. The good news is that both can be remedied. However, it will require conscientiousness and effort on your part to unlock and unwind tension and tightness. The result? Freedom to move confidently and gracefully. What more could we want?

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Why is Posture & Flexibility So Important?

Posture is more than how you stand. Truthfully, it reflects the strength of your body structure and it affects the internal workings of your organs. For example, if you find your balance is degrading, check your posture. In addition, if you find your low back aches, check your posture. Moreover, if you have trouble breathing, check your posture. In other words, many physical ailments can be traced back to postural issues.

Thank goodness, Yoga can help! For instance, postural misalignments can be remedied by gently stretching and breathing into tight areas. Consequently, this encourages the muscles and bones to move into proper alignment. But be warned, this is not an overnight process! Indeed, it takes practice, diligence and yes, daily conscientiousness. But don’t fret… we are here to help! Our Posture & Flexibility Essential Program focuses on key movements that will bring your body back into its natural and comfortable alignment… if you do the work with us! Our Essential Programs were created improve all areas of your physical and mental well-being. Be sure to check them out!

Collection of Videos

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We made it easy for you to find practices that work into your lifestyle. This collection was specifically created to improve your Posture & Flexibility. Mix and match from these options:

Be mindful of your posture during your day and move a little to keep the flexibility where you need it… they are essential to Aging gracefully!

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Related Video Series

The following Video Series addresses the common misnomer that you have to be flexible to do Yoga. Actually, flexibility is different in everyone because our body structure plays a big role in how our joints and muscles move. Whether you are stocky and muscle-bound, or tall and lanky, or squat and limber, we can all benefit from a bit more flexibility in our bodies… and surely in our minds. Enjoy moving more fluidly!

Viki Boyko Flexibility for the Inflexible

Flexibility for the Inflexible with Viki Boyko

Sherry Zak Morris Fascial Renewal Series

Fascial Renewal Series for Youthful Fluidity with Sherry

Online Workshops related to Posture & Flexibility

Online Workshop: The Posture Project for the 50+ Population

Poor posture and pain go together. Rounded shoulders, a limping gait and knee alignment are just a few examples of posture gone awry. As a result, these misalignments can lead to pain and joint damage as we age. However, posture can be improved no matter what age you are! This Workshop provides specific movement recommendations that can be done in Yoga classes and/or at home to improve your posture. In addition, Sherry Zak Morris shares the stunning results of her Senior Posture Project.

Online Workshop: Anatomy of Aging and Movement

This comprehensive Workshop provides a solid foundation for understanding how our body ages and how our movement can become limited. Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT and E-RYT, will teach you about structural changes that occur with aging. First, Sherry will focus on the “common” injuries and conditions. Then, she will explain how to improve or correct some of these conditions that have already manifested using a Chair Yoga practice. Lastly, she will go into detail of the anatomy of each body part and condition.