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I have joined the ranks of those who live with a chronic health issue. Surely, I did not see this coming. I truly manage and monitor my health quite closely. And I also try to follow all the rules for good health. But sometimes, things beyond our control come into our lives and that change our health status. As a result, this is where the hard work begins.

It is not important to share the exact details of what I am dealing with, but for those who do have a nagging or chronic health issue… you know what I am talking about. Luckily, my issue is more of an annoyance rather than an impediment.

We have Choices

Certainly, we all have choices on how we deal with a chronic health issue. Here is how I see it…

Usually, our first choice is to find out as much as we can about our issue. For example, scouring the internet. We can look for the worst case scenarios, which definitely make us worried and afraid. We can also look for testimonials from those who have recovered, which can bring us hope. In addition, we can search for support groups for those battling the same issue in order to overcome it. These are active quests for resolution and, at the very least, they provide us some comfort in knowing we are not alone. I have been there and done that.

Another choice we have is to get a second, third or even fourth opinion. We do this hoping to find someone who has a different perspective on the issue. Maybe someone who will help make it all go away. This can lead to endless doctor’s visits with potions, pills and procedures that could possibly lead us to a cure. On the other hand, they could just have us going in full circles over and over again. I have been there and done that.

And more Choices…

We can also share our worries, angst and frustrations with others. I find this is a delicate tightrope to walk because we can get into the mode of having our “issue” be the center of attention in our conversations. I have worked hard to steer away from this option. But, I do have a few close confidantes who are with me on my journey, and I can reach out to them for moral support when needed.

Another tempting choice that calls to each and every one of us dealing with a chronic health issue is to throw in the towel. Yes, throw caution to the wind! Ignore all the self-care instructions and participate in the aggravating activities that we know trigger our condition. We say to ourselves, “What the heck. We only live once.” Then, we deny this xyz thing and just continue living our lives. Now, I am one for believing in mind over matter, but sometimes that just doesn’t work. So, I have been in this place, and I have participated in those aggravating activities. I get it!

But what is the best Choice for me?

Finally, what I try to choose most often is to accept the new reality that this health issue is a part of my life’s journey. Yes, I do hope I will find meaning behind it all. And yes, I do hope I have that ah-ha moment that makes me realize its purpose so that it can gracefully exit. But, I no longer seek the timeframe for that to happen. I choose to put my trust in something greater than myself, and to live every day with joy and gratitude! This is where I am, and this is where I want to stay.

The song in this video always brings me to my happy place and reminds me of the choice I need to make:

Living on the Corner of Joy and Gratitude! Dance and Live it! with Sherry Zak Morris

Imagine waking up every day and feeling Joy and Gratitude. This uplifting song was written by Jaquelyn Woodroffe and you can’t help but feel the optimism and appreciation in her beautiful voice. The beat and lyrics are contagious! Put your “Happy On” today and dance with us!

I found this musician singing at a local church service! Immediately, I purchased her “Speak the Word” CD at the church bookstore! I love finding and sharing these treasures with you!

I consistently remind myself that growing older is a gift and a reward. We will never be the same youthful person we were decades ago, and that is how the journey of life is meant to be.

A Parting Thought

I will leave you with a parting thought that humbles me and makes me nod in agreement… If we were to put all our “issues” into a circle and were given the choice to pull out whichever one we wanted, most likely we would reach for our own.

Remember, many of us are dealing with chronic health issues. We must live in compassion and grace for all of us aging beings.

Sherry Zak Morris
Founder, Yoga Vista

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CREDITS:  Author, Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

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