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Nowadays, osteopaths, orthopedic specialists, internal medicine doctors and other healthcare providers recommend Yoga to seniors more often. This is due to a growing body of research into the benefits of Yoga. Consequently, doctors are more confident to suggest Yoga as a complement to standard medical treatment. They are also more eager to advocate Yoga as a means of preventative health. This is great news for our Yoga Vista community of people ages 50 and up, because they tend to see their doctor(s) somewhat frequently.

Our Students follow their Doctor’s advice

Oftentimes, after an annual exam, bloodwork, or other doctor’s visit, my students let me know that their doctor recommended a daily dose of Yoga! “It’s in the doctor’s notes,” they’ll say. Undeniably, they know it makes me smile to hear that! Those who follow their doctor’s advice are living examples of how integrating traditional medicine and a holistic practice like Yoga enhances our overall health.

For seniors, the case for practicing Yoga is especially strong, as evidenced in a study about the effects of yoga in older adults. According to YogaTherapy.Health, the study “provides robust evidence for promoting Yoga in physical activity guidelines for older adults as a multimodal activity that improves aspects of fitness like strength, balance and flexibility, as well as mental well-being.”

Our New doctor recommended Yoga to me and my husband!

During a recent physical, my new doctor suggested I do Yoga and eat fresh fruits and veggies. Admittedly, she didn’t know she was preaching to the choir! Then, when she advised my non-Yoga-loving husband to do the same, she became #1 in my book!

These statements from a doctor’s notes summarize it quite well: “Keep your back flexible with stretching. The key to Yoga is to start slowly and gradually increase the stretching. There is no need to go fast.” In conclusion, as more doctors recommend Yoga to seniors, the more likelihood that people will seek it and begin their journey towards aging well.

How Often Should You Stretch? A Guideline for Life with Sherry Zak Morris

If you are asking yourself how often you should stretch, here’s a simple answer. And if you are not quite sure HOW to stretch, I give a few easy pointers. Listen up and follow this simple guideline for life.

What kind of Yoga should we do?

There is a wide array of Yoga styles out there. There are also many different reasons why people will choose one over the other. But if you’re just starting out, it’s beneficial to know something about the class being offered before diving in. This can make the difference between an effective practice for good health and a frustrating experience that hurts more than it helps.

For this reason, YogaVista.TV offers a broad selection of streaming (on-demand) Yoga videos that are filterable based on format, level, class vibe, etc. Specific videos can also be found by using keywords in the search bar. Additionally, each video includes a description with its areas of focus to help you choose what will best serve you each day.

Get your daily dose of Yoga with us… We bet your doctor would approve!

To help you on your path, we have created Wellness Practices for Aging Well just for you! We definitely hope you’ll check it out!

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Note: The videos listed are included in all YogaVista.TV subscription plans.

Sherry Zak Morris Introductory Chair Yoga

Introductory Chair Yoga Class – Welcome newcomers!

Sherry Zak Morris Actively Aging Chair Yoga

Actively Aging: Energizing Chair Yoga with Sherry

Paula Montalvo Seated Chair Yoga

Seated Chair Yoga Everyone Can Do with Paula

Sharon Cavanagh Approachable Chair Yoga Class

An Approachable Chair Yoga class for Everyone – Simple Moves with Sharon

Online Workshops related to this Topic:

Sherry Zak Morris Workshop: Yoga for Aging

Note: This Workshop is included in all YogaVista.TV subscription plans. It is an excerpt from the full 4-Hour workshop below: Foundations of Yoga for Seniors and the Anatomy of Aging.

Workshop: Yoga for Aging - The Anatomy of Movement

We are all aging… that is undeniable. However, what happens to our bodies as we age varies from person to person. Although there are universal aspects of aging, we can actually modify and/or control many of them in order to lead healthier lives. In this Workshop, Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT and E-RYT, discusses what happens to our structures as we age. In addition, she explains how these structural changes can be manifested in people over the age of 50 via their posture and gait (walking pattern). Lastly, she provides information on what we can do in a Yoga practice to counteract these changes and/or diminish their progression. 

Online Workshop: Foundations of Yoga for Seniors and the Anatomy of Aging

The vast majority of Americans are growing into their senior and golden years. In other words, they are beginning to experience the physical effects of aging. In this Workshop, Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT and E-RYT, will teach you about the aging body and how Yoga can help! Furthermore, Sherry will describe the issues facing this student community. Lastly, she will give you the tools and confidence necessary to teach to this demographic.

CREDITS:  Author, Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

Co-Author, Susana Jones, Certified Yoga Therapist

Editor, Maria Perez, Certified Yoga & Group Fitness Instructor