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Understanding Life’s Lack of Control

At some point in life, we realize our control is limited, both in our lives and in the lives of loved ones. Unexpected events can shake our world, leaving us shocked and uncertain about how to adapt to the ‘new normal.’ Health challenges often follow a similar pattern—gradually creeping into our lives until a crisis suddenly arises.

The Nervous System’s Response to Crisis

A crisis puts your nervous system on high alert. It’s a natural response. Cortisol levels increase, blood pressure rises, and the mind goes spinning in many directions, often negative ones. It’s as if you are suddenly thrown into a tornado, and everything around you seems topsy-turvy. When you get into this state, several things can happen. You start to descend into depression to escape the current reality. You lean on substances like alcohol, narcotics, or anything to numb you so you don’t have to deal with reality. You think, talk, and dwell on the situation endlessly, draining your life force.

Strategies for Regaining Control

If you have ever been there, you know it is hard to dig yourself out of a situation where you lack control to make things better or make it go away. Here are 5 strategies that have helped me recently when I received the news that a dear family member’s health took a dangerous turn. I hope these strategies can help you navigate through the rough waters of life’s storms so that you can find the inner calm that you need to remain strong, resilient, and helpful when things go awry.

1. Practice Yoga Nidra Daily:

During this challenging time, I found solace in daily Yoga Nidra practice, particularly guided meditations offered by Dr. Melissa West. Her Yoga Nidra sessions are not only deeply relaxing but also profoundly insightful. Each meditation begins with an explanatory introduction that often resonated with the exact challenges I was facing. It was as if Dr. West had an uncanny ability to tap into the shared human experience of navigating life’s storms, making me understand that many of us go through similar challenges.

This guided meditation practice allowed me to regain control over my emotions and reactions, even when everything around me seemed chaotic. The practice offered moments of calm and clarity in the midst of the storm, reminding me that I still had the power to find peace within.

Recommended Yoga Nidras with Dr. Melissa West

These are my favorite Yoga Nidras that are from Dr. Melissa West on YouTube. Try a few different ones because each one has a different message for you to ponder and bring into your being.  I am sure you will find a few favorites that will be your “go to” escape from the rat race of life!

Vagus Nerve Yoga Nidra to Calm Your Nervous System with Dr. Melissa West

This Vagus Nerve Guided Yoga Nidra offers a powerful tool for finding inner calm amidst life’s storms. Your vagus nerve, a key component of your autonomic nervous system, influences your heart rate, digestion, breathing, and overall well-being. Through this meditation, your nervous system is gently calmed, reducing anxiety and depression while promoting a sense of inner peace and improved sleep. Suitable for all levels, no prior yoga experience is necessary. Most find it beneficial while lying down. Embrace the gift of restoration with this practice, allowing you to respond flexibly to life’s challenges.

2. Endorphins: Nature’s Mood Boosters vs. Numbing Substances:

I avoided sinking into depression or resorting to numbing substances by actively engaging in activities I cherished, like nature walks, reading, and spending time with close friends. These not only boosted my endorphins—our brain’s natural mood-lifters—but also provided essential moments of joy, offering a welcome escape from the turmoil. Rediscovering these simple pleasures became my lifeline during those trying times. They reminded me that even in the darkest moments, pockets of light and joy can be found.

3. Find Joy in Moving and Dancing

When I was going through this rough patch, I found I had lost my inner joy, so I turned to the one thing that brings me so much joy in life—creating, filming, and sharing Chair Yoga Dances. These Dances are not just ways to get some exercise; they are infusions of Joy into your being. The blend of familiar music, inspiring lyrics, and moving my body to the rhythm of the song literally washes my worries away for a period of time.

For a truly joyful experience, check out my Chair Yoga Dance Class “Everything is Gonna Be Alright!” Themed class and have some fun with me!

ALL Chair Yoga Dance Class “Everything is Gonna Be Alright!” Theme with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

I recorded this All Chair Yoga Dance class when I was going through some rough times and thought THIS is the time to share it because we all need an Uplift in our spirits! Every song in this Class has an inspiring message for us all to remember during this time of uncertainty.

Includes 6 Chair Yoga Dances!  We at Yoga Vista are here to bring fun and movement into your homes to brighten your lives while staying safe and secure. All AGES welcome! Join us at www.YogaVista.TV for LOTS more fun and movement …let us be your Yoga Community! Try us for 7 days FREE!

4. Reframe the Situation Using Pratipaksha Bhavana:

I realized that dwelling on negative thoughts and endless worry only deepened the sense of powerlessness. Drawing inspiration from the yogic concept of “pratipaksha bhavana,” which encourages us to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, I shifted my perspective. Instead of obsessing over the challenges, I began to focus on what I could learn from this experience and how it could ultimately contribute to personal growth and resilience. This simple change in mindset allowed me to regain control over my thoughts and emotions.

5. Remember This Too Shall Pass:

Above all, I held onto the notion that no storm lasts forever. Just as storms in nature eventually subside, so do the storms in our lives. Reminding myself that this too shall pass gave me the strength to persevere and support my dear family member with a hopeful heart.

In conclusion, finding inner calm amidst life’s storms is an ongoing journey. These strategies helped me regain my footing during a challenging time, and I hope they can do the same for you. Remember, you have the resilience within you to weather any storm, emerge stronger, and offer support when it’s needed most.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and please check out the resources below for more insights and support as we navigate life’s unpredictable twists and turns together.

Blessings and Good Health to you,

Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist
Founder of Yoga Vista

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CREDITS:  Author, Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

Editor, Maria Perez, Certified Yoga & Group Fitness Instructor