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Reduce your risk of Falls and Injuries

If you have noticed your balance is not what it used to be, then you are in the right place! Indeed, your ability to balance changes over the years. There is a concept called proprioception that is key to achieving and maintaining good balance. That is to say, your perception or awareness of the position and movement of your body is responsible for your balance. Some call it the “sixth sense.”

The proprioceptors of your body are found primarily in your muscles, tendons, and skin. Therefore, physical movement will keep those receptors functioning well. For example, Tai Chi and Yoga are effective movement practices that help maintain and/or improve muscular strength, balance and coordination. In our Video Library, we organized targeted videos that will educate, empower and help you improve your balance. Consequently, your coordination will improve as well.

Why is Good Balance so Important?

As we age, falls are one of the biggest risks to our long term health. Most of us have heard of friends or loved ones who have sustained an injury during a fall. Sometimes, these injuries take months or years to recover. Therefore, if we find ourselves tripping or losing our balance often, then it’s time to do something about it! Feeling insecure on a variety of surfaces, such as grass, hiking paths and cobblestones, is also a good reason to start working on our balance. To clarify, balance is not just learning how to stand on one leg… it is much broader than that.

Our balance improves when we practice different movements that require the coordination of multiple parts of our bodies. For instance, our feet are used to create a foundation for our balance. In addition, our arms can be used to help us balance and our joints, when aligned properly, help to keep us upright and strong.

Consequently, if you’re having difficulty with your balance, YogaVista.TV is here to provide support! In other words, we have lots of creative ways for you to work on and improve your balance. We are here to guide and assist you with our structured Wellness Practices.

Note: The videos in this collection are included in various YogaVista.TV subscription plans.

Wellness Practices for Balance and Stability

We have made it easy for you to begin a Yoga program focused on helping you find ways to improve your Balance and Stability. We have created these Wellness Practices for Balance and Stability that offer targeted videos to educate and empower you to take control of your own health. Incorporating these practices regularly will help your proprioception get better!

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Safety Guidelines and Precautions

  • If you experience vestibular disorders such as difficulty balancing and vertigo, always have a chair or wall nearby for extra support when needed
  • Make sure to keep hydrated to avoid dizziness when exercising, have a water bottle handy
  • When you feel unsteady, use a wider stance while standing and place your hands on your hips to ground and stabilize you
  • If you experience dizziness or vertigo, limit sudden movements (especially when shifting from sitting to standing or from lying down to sitting) and move slower
  • If you feel dizzy, focus on a vertical line (corner walls are good) to let your brain know what a vertical position is

Before starting these Wellness Practices:

Ensure you have a release from your healthcare practitioner to do exercise. Also ask your practitioner if you have any movement restrictions as  related to your treatment. Above all, be mindful of any movement that creates a sharp, knife-like pain or tingling sensation.

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Dr Kimberley Bell Imbalance, Vertigo & Dizziness in Older Adults

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CREDITS:  Author, Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

Editor, Maria Perez, Certified Yoga & Group Fitness Instructor