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When we find ourselves feeling out of sorts, chances are, we’re experiencing the natural highs and lows of being human. When such a funk leads to feeling regularly anxious, lethargic or both, we may be experiencing some degree of a mood imbalance.

The nervous and endocrine systems affect our perception, experiences and mood. They are always adapting and responding to what’s happening in our lives, externally and internally.

Unexpected things happen sometimes…

Some things in life come out of nowhere, catching us when we least expect it. Sometimes, they throw us off-balance. For instance, a great deal of noise in the night that interferes with otherwise sound sleep can cause moodiness and lethargy the next day. Another example is when something unexpected and stressful arises that puts our autonomic nervous system on alert. We might find ourselves wired, hyper-vigilant or edgy.

Other things that throw off our mood have more to do with how we live day-to-day. A frantic pace of life to meet the needs of one’s profession, family or lifestyle can become a source of chronic stress. Similarly, a profound loss can leech the motivation needed to do that which brings us joy.

Find relief in the breath!

Regardless of what got us into our funk, and whether or not we had any control over it, Yoga puts us in complete control over one thing. That is the breath. Fortunately, the power of the breath can change everything about how we feel and how we function.

One major benefit of postural Yoga is how various body positions activate distinct areas of the lungs. Each pose affects the nervous and endocrine systems in unique ways. Generally speaking, the planes of movement and attention to breathing offered in Yoga can help us maintain, or gradually reinstate our even-keel. For those wanting more specialized support for mood balance, finding a Yoga Therapist can be very beneficial. They are trained to provide you with specific movements and breathing techniques to gently promote the change you seek.

In the video below, Justine shares a breathing practice for easing Pain and Depression.

Yoga Therapy breathing practice for Pain and Depression with Justine Shelton

Pain and Depression go hand in hand and they can create a strangle-hold on your mind and body. Learn how you can be more “sacredly selfish.” Start taking good care of yourself so that you can better serve those around you. Viniyoga Therapist, Justine Shelton, is your guide to this short breathing practice. Calm your mind and nervous system so that pain can take a back seat rather than a front seat in your life.

For more helpful guidance, we have created Wellness Practices for Mental and Emotional Well-Being just for you. Whenever you experience periods of instability with your mental health, it may be beneficial for you to follow some of the suggested practices.

Stay strong!

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CREDITS:  Author, Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

Co-Author, Susana Jones, Certified Yoga Therapist

Editor, Maria Perez, Certified Yoga & Group Fitness Instructor