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“I have poor Posture.”

I love hearing these words from my friends and students. Why? Because it shows that they acknowledge how they’re holding their bodies. In Yoga philosophy, this would be an example of svadhyaya, self-study. But most importantly, this acknowledgement is the first step towards making the subtle changes that add up to healthy posture.

The word “Yoga” conveys interconnection between the body, mind and breath. A change in one causes a change in the others as well. Therefore, when we are conscientious about improving our posture, we tend to feel better in general. In addition, we can enjoy greater physical function and less pain. Game on!

Consciously improving our alignment

A good friend of mine, who is a seamstress and a painter in her late 50s, is training for a triathlon. Recently, she discovered that her swim stroke is inefficient because of restricted shoulder mobility. That being said, she was desperate for help. I was happy to give her an opportunity to better understand and manage her range of motion. First, I did a posture assessment and I noticed her rounded shoulders and her head jutting forward. Next, I took a photo of her standing, from the front, back and both sides. Lastly, I showed her the photos and pointed out where her alignment had likely gone awry, and why.

Afterward, I suggested some simple Yoga moves, which we call “Yoga Snacks,” to enable her to free up those tight areas. I trust that she will progress through her endeavors in life with awareness of how her daily postures can affect what she’s capable of doing next!

Making changes

Are you ready to change how you carry your body for the better? Try the shoulder stretches below:

Tight Shoulders? Try this Trio of Gentle Shoulder Openers with Sherry Zak Morris

Here are 3 different shoulder stretches that help with shoulder mobility and postural alignment! These can be done lying on the floor or just sitting in your chair!

If you’re interested in more information such as this, check out our Essential Program for Posture & Flexibility. We created it just for you!

Keep standing tall!

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Poor posture and pain go together. Rounded shoulders and a limping gait are examples of posture gone awry. As a result, these misalignments can lead to pain and joint damage as we age. However, posture can be improved no matter what age you are! This Workshop provides specific movement recommendations that can be done in Yoga classes and/or at home to improve your posture. In addition, Sherry Zak Morris shares the stunning results of her Senior Posture Project.

CREDITS:  Author, Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

Co-Author, Susana Jones, Certified Yoga Therapist

Editor, Maria Perez, Certified Yoga & Group Fitness Instructor